About BBH

Phylosophy of BBH

Better Being Hospital is Asia's first hospital, conceived and built for the treatment of chronic illness, utilizing the principles of functional medicine.

At Better Being we believe chronic illness arises from a spectrum of functional imbalances.  Each imbalance becomes a stress upon the body, and cumulatively they form what we recognize as disease.

The Functional Medicine Concept does not endorse a set protocol for treating specific illness.  Identifying a disease name, does not imply that the treatment is known, or that a standard strategy will be used.  Instead our approach is based on paying careful attention to the unique symptoms, history, examinations and laboratory results of each individual. Each consultation, and each treatment plan is unique to the individual.

At Better Being we recognize that environmental factors interact with your own genetic predispositions. Chronic illness invariably reflects a dysfunction in one or more of the fundamental systems in the body.  The metabolic, neural, immune and/or digestive systems may be susceptible to dysfunction in individuals genetically predisposed to such problems, as well as those suffering from sub-optimal nutrition, food intolerance, microbial overgrowth, metabolic abnormalities, immune deregulation or a reduced ability to eliminate toxins.

People with severe metabolic, genetic, or neurological illnesses may have difficulty processing sensory, perceptual, cognitive, biochemical and immunologic messages, and at times have faulty mechanisms for regulating, the metabolism and detoxifying both external and internally produced chemicals, resulting in multiple functional imbalances that express as symptoms.

To care for chronic illness, the careful customized treatment planning is a must, based on individual genetic uniqueness and personal lifestyle. Step by step therapeutic lifestyle changes is the ultimate goal to help them get out from the vicious cycle of chronic illnesses.