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Proactive Functional Testing

Pro-active Functional Medicine Testing is the cornerstone of the Functional Medicine Approach. Rather than waiting for disease to progress into physical, irreversible changes as conventional medicine does, Functional Medicine tests for the underlying dysfunctions that can still be corrected. The assessments below are categorised into typical states of dysfunction that Functional Medicine is able to investigate. Certain conditions may involve many different levels of testing, in which case your physician will prioritise the most important areas to test, discuss with your the testing strategy and work with you to optimise your treatment plan and outcomes.

Once underway with a treatment plan, certain tests may be repeated periodically to assess progress. Often progress in laboratory tests can be seen before physical changes, as the triggers are removed but the body still has to heal. In such case what we call a Condition Monitoring Program is invaluable, giving you and your physician re-assurance that healing changes are occurring, and encouraging you to persevere with changes and therapies.