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Chronic Abdominal Pain

The digestive system is a complex network of very specialised organs and tissues, which must function together in order to break down foods, absorb wanted nutrients, prevent entry of bacteria, pathogens and toxins to the body, and to remove waste. There are thousands of disorders of the digestive system each of which can disrupt the smooth operation that helps sustain our lives and health.

Functional medicine principles work well to reduce the complexity of the digestive system and its subsequent disorders by looking at the upstream and downstream role of each part. By understanding the biochemical foundations that allows each tissue to perform at its best, functional medicine can have great success in treating conditions by addressing imbalances at the source. Functional Medicine pays particular attention to the nature of the beneficial bacteria in the digestive system, the integrity of the gut wall that helps protect us, as well as the large presence of immune cells that line our digestive system.

Functional Medicine Approach : Chronic Abdominal Cramp


Male Italian, 28 years old


Severe abdominal pain continuously for 2 years. Cause unknown.

Conventional treatment

4 times daily. The conventional doctors opinion was that he had mental illness, and morphine addiction.

Functional Medicine Analysis and Diagnosis

Urine and stool analysis showed no abnormalities. Heavy metal detoxification challenge test showed the following heavy metals were elevated:

  • Aluminum and Mercury were elevated above the pre-challenge baseline.
  • Lead was found to be 13.8 times above the pre-challege baseline (6.9 compared to pre test levels of 0.5 ugm/dl).

In addition, the following day after the challenge test the patient notified the doctor that he had a deep sleep and he did not require painkillers. Symptoms gradually returned during the day, but less severe.

It was apparent that the heavy metal toxicity needed to be treated as a priority, especially given the improved rest following the detoxification procedure.

The 4R Balancing Program

Commenced an elimination diet program to support they bodys natural detoxification processes.

Commenced Heavy metal elimination program using chelating agents for Lead, Mercury and Arsenic.

Provided antiodixants, minerals and vitamins to encourage detoxification and support the metabolic processes required for chelation therapy.

Implemented an anti-inflammatory diet to assist in further healing the digestive system.

Treatment Result

Patient remained in treatment for 1 month.  His condition improved dramatically, he began physical therapy sessions, and was much more mobile, able to move about the hospital without assistance.  Medication reduced to just one painkiller per day, morphine use ceased altogether.