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Brachytherapy - an alternative prostate cancer treatment


Prostate cancer is the most common type of cancer found in older men. Certain foods, especially those with high fat levels, appear to be a great risk factor that leads to the disease. Heredity and tension are other factors associated with the disease. Prostate cancer ranks number five among cancers found in men in Thailand and number two among cancers found in men around the world.

Early prostate cancer usually does not manifest any symptoms. One test method to find the disease in its early stages is PSA (Prostatic Specific Anitgen). Apart from receiving PSA, checking the anus, ultrasound and checking tissues are required to achieve certain and accurate results from early diagnosis.

In the past, prostate cancer treatments involved either surgery or radiotherapy. Viroon Donavanik, M.D., FACR, a radiation oncologist specializing in prostate cancer treatment by brachytherapy at Christiana Hospital in Newark, Delaware, US has long experience in the field and has successfully treated over 2,000 prostate cancer patients using brachytherapy, an alternative prostate cancer treatment. He said that brachytherapy is a better treatment choice than surgery and radiotherapy as it offers patients the prospect of a complete cure. Brachytherapy helps patients feel less pain and avoids recurrence of the disease. After treatment, patients experience less side effects and recover faster, including sexual efficiency.


Better Being Hospital operates the first prostate cancer treatment centre in Thailand, providing full prostate cancer treatment for patients. I would like to invite all men aged 50 and up to get checked for the disease as early as possible as this will increase treatment efficiency compared to finding the disease later. Also, I would like to invite all prostate cancer patients to come and be treated at the hospital. The treatment service here is well established with a team of experts who have solid experience in curing this disease,” Viroon Donavanik said.

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