Functional Medicine

The Functional Medicine 4R Balancing Program

The 4R prgram lies at the heart of the Functional Medicine Treatment Program.

  • Replace

    Replace or Refill the missing part to recreate the balance in the basic system.  This step focuses on adjusting the nutrition using supplements such as vitamins, minerals, probiotics and digestive enzymes.

  • Repair

    Repair or restore function by stimulating the healing and repairing process of the damage caused by the disease, to shorten the recovery period.

  • Remove

    Remove the unwanted factors to eliminate the blockages in normal physiologic functions. That may prevent  healing, or sustaining causes of dysfunction.  This might include helping remove waste that can’t be eliminated from the body, toxins or heavy metals, bacteria, fungus and parasites, or food allergens.

  • Rebuild

    Rebuild and reinforce new cells regeneration.  Help the body to repair itself and allow proper biochemical function to return by various interventions.