Functional Medicine

Finding an Answer for Chronic illness

If surgery,  taking pills and suppressing or living with symptoms  is no longer your answer consider how the comprehensive approach of Functional Medicine can help you to improve or heal your condition.

Typically, conventional Medicine or mainstream practice has strongly emphasized the diagnosis and the standard medical solution many of which have their own side effects.

The Functional Medicine treatment approach is not only based on current scientific research, but also based on experience of both medical doctors and alternative and complementary medicine physicians. This is the reason why Functional Medicine is considered as a perfect bridge linking these two medical practices, and is able to help so many who have been forced to live with an "incurable" condition.

Functional medicine ,as a philosophy, is open to many different interventions that may help a particular condition. There is no fix treatment formula for specific condition. The treatment plan is always needed to be individualized.

For example, when a patient has a problem with constant stress, anxiety and an inability to relax, this causes strong biochemical changes that affects the course of the disease. Functional medicine treatment may include some nutritional treatment such as vitmain B12 treatment, if there is the evidence from laboratory testing confirming the depletion, or sometimes the treatment may have to aim for suppression the chronic inflammation , which lead to cytokine sickness and resulted in emotional changes.  In certain conditions , we may consider the mind management method such as meditation to be included in the treatment plan.

Functional Medicine likes to figure out the starting point where disease is coming from, and correct it at the source, whilst Conventional Medicine wishes to find out the endpoints (or symptoms) of the problem and deal with it at the symptom level.

Functional Medicine is interested in you, your life, your well-being, your life style, what you eat, your work environment, your relationship with others, how you relax and what medicine and treatments  you have already taken.

Now… Name your disease a curable biochemical function
Not yourself as an incurable victim